Monday, May 11, 2009

What is Love? - Jennifer Lopez

I've Already spoken so much about Jennifer Lopez. So In this post i wont Introduce her [ btw do you really need an introduction for this famous International Super star Diva ]. Jennifer Lopez maybe the only celebrity who has the Fattest Resume ever, she has tried everything from fashion, singing, acting, Perfume, production, dancing etc ... [ believe me i can go on ] & she is always been in the News for many Good, Bad n Worst Things. [ But who cares unless she entertains everyone ].
We've got Jennifer Lopez's brand new song from her upcoming album " Still from the Block " or maybe called as " The Greatest Hits ". Have to say here, " Still from the Block " Soundz good for her album name.
The single What is Love? is a Darkchild Production. After The Hit single Hooked On You im so sure What is Love? will definetely be a Hit in the billboards chart. Must say the track is awsome, love the beats & None other than JLo could have sung this song better. After Lopez's flop album Brave, i think Her Greatest Hits will definetely be an Hit, but she needs to release it ASAP. Lately Jennifer Lopez is styling her new Hairdo n she looks exceptionally Beautiful. Jennifer can never go wrong when it comes upto Fashion [ no doubt they call her a Fashion Queen ]. Im keeping my fingers cross for her New Album hope she also have some arrey of A-listers collaborating in her new album. Jennifer lopez is also been seen in many charity events, n i think that she really is re-inventing herself for a major come back. She Looks Strong and Confident and she looks as if she will eat everyone who will come on her way [ thinking of the news Jennifer aniston having feud with Jennifer Lopez ].
Btw JLo What about Marc Anthony? , there's No doubt you're making your way to success N EATING PEOPLE who come your way but the skeletor is eaten by u too.... ;p

Ive Tried making my own ALbum Covers for JLOs new single What is Love ? lemme knw if ull like it.

What Is Love - Jennifer Lopez

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