Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alesha Dixon - Lets Get Excited

Alesha Anjanette Dixon (born 7 October 1978) is a British singer. She was in the all-female band Mis-Teeq, she is now a solo artist. Alesha is Famous with her First Single " The Boy Does Nothing ", But Alesha Sounds a lil like Ciara.
Lets Get Excited is her 3rd Single after " Breathe Slow " from Alesha's album The Alesha Show. Its a beautiful dance number & im sure this song will definetely hit the No.1 spot. How can i even forget Alesha's Beautiful. The video is Simple n Beautiful, Love the dance, But must mention this the part where Alesha is in her straight long hair or a Wig, Looks scary. She looks similar to the ghost from the movie 'The Ring', like she might just come out of the television. But Alesha is anytime beautiful than the evil lady from the movie ' The Ring LOL.

Her Album Cover is very Much Similar to Britneys Album " Circus ".

Lemme know if you can't see the video .....

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