Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rihanna's new album - Dark Angels

Rihanna is always been a Hit when it comes up to Music. Even after her rocky Relationship with Chris Brown she haven't given upon Music. Now It is rumored that Rihanna’s 4th album (maybe it will be called Dark Angels), will be released in early 2009. Some songs are confirmed: Sexuality, Dark Angels, Dominate (feat. Chris Brown). She also said there will be less R’n'B, and more techno and rock. Even more, she said she wrote a couple of songs herself!

WoW! I can’t wait :))

Z-Share Links:
Bad Girl feat. Chris Brown(5/5)
Emergency Room feat. Ray L(5/5)
Bitch, I'm Special(3.5/5)
How I Like It(3/5)

My Favourites from the Album is:

whipping my hair - rihanna

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