Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coldplay - Viva La Vida Review

Coldplay has progressed musically, it’s impossible to deny that Viva La Vida is still a “Coldplay” record. When i heard few songs from this album frankly speaking i wasn't impressed a bit, but eventually when i heard it while i was driving my car, it simply changed my mind n then realised that their songs have already hit the billboard charts capturing the No.1 spot. It’s still extremely piano rock Kinda Music and yes! Chris Martin is still singing. This album is quite good. Some of the songs are Slow But Smooth, N im happy that there’s no song for Chris Martin to walk in slow motion [ Like he often Does in Most of his Videos ].
The listener is treated to tracks like “Cemeteries of London”, Love the lyrics (“God is in the houses, God is in my head), “Violet Hill” ,“Life in Technicolor” [ Has some Indian Influence ], " lovers In Japan" and My Favourite from the Album, Lost Feat. Jay-z. [ Love the Lyrics again ]

It sounds as though Coldplay is finally using the style and grace God gave Them. Now i can finally say Coldplay sounds like an actual band. I even loved some of their previous songs like Talk, Brothers & Sisters, In my Place and Many More....

Lyrics | Coldplay lyrics - Lost lyrics

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