Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Christina Milian - Us Against The World [ Dreams in Color ]

Christina Milian is about to release her fourth studio album Dream In Color this year, and here’s the video for the first single ‘Us Against The World’ from her upcoming album " Dreams in Color ". I love the grand video, She Looks Extremely beautiful. After the disappointment of her last underestimated album So Amazing from 2006 left my expectations sky high for her comeback. On the other hand, the song is awsome, and i have High Hopes for her new Album to Top the Charts.

I will admit though, I liked this song before seeing this video. It’s no surprise for me to say this that Christina Milian is Back with a BANG. She strikes a BEAUTIFUL figure across the sand with golden costumes and all. I love the sepia tone of this video. The only part I really Laughed at was when she was in that black feather getup. She looked like one of the crows that terrorized Michael Jackson’s “Scarecrow” character in The Wiz hahaha!!! Please tell me I am wrong.
I have enjoyed some of Christina’s songs over the past couple of years, and she’s a sweetheart in person. I cant Stop Saying This But she is HOT.
And for God's Sake please stop comparing her with Beyonce. Christina has her own stand in music industry, she is unique and much more beautiful then Beyonce. Christina's song makes sense and is not Jazzy like beyonce [ rememeber's DEJA VU, SINGLE LADIES & DIVA what a Horror 8/], so what if Christina's album dosen't sell that well compared to Beyonce's, for me she's the best.

Us Against The World - Christina Milian

Us Against The World - Christina Milian

Isn't she Beautiful :

Us Against The World - Christina Milian

Us aginst the world Lyrics:

Lyrics Christina Milian lyrics - Us Against The World lyrics

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