Monday, March 23, 2009

Artist On Rise - Kcat

It's very difficult to find an artist who can really Sing, Produce & Write their own songs too, Its Rare !!!. Kcat is one of those Rare. When you hear this we have quite a reaction of interest and amazement. And i believe a True artist is the one who gives their whole mind and heart to any activity they perform. I believe Kcat is an Original & a True Artists.
KCAT is a performing struggling artist who has dazzled audiences since the tender age of 13, she has been winning every competition in sight since then.

Kcat has a Dream Story for her Success:
KCAT had many bad experiences, both professionally with other management companies, and on a personal level as well. Most would have given up in such situations Unlike KCAT. This Positive Thinking has helped Kcat as a song writer. Live performances continued and recording sessions with producers also followed. KCAT is becoming an accomplished artist and song writer, plus she is developing an impressive understanding of music production.

It was at a bar in Camden where she was performing the classic “Please Help Me I’m Falling”, when they stumble across KCAT. Her warm, bubbly personality was evident from her performance on. It was plainly obvious from then that she was a star, & since then she had a Blossoming business relationship.
KCAT was then busy touring all over Britain at all music lover hotspots, plus enjoying extensive airplay on BBC Radio 1xtra, Choice Fm and Galaxy Fm of dance track “Get Off The Wall” to be released on promo in May/June 2007. KCAT is also enjoying success this year as a featured vocalist on new dance release “My Destiny”, which has been a massive club anthem for production duo Delinquent (Usher/Natasha Bedingfield remixers). Kcat's second Single " I GOT YOU " is again a smash hit with a very simple and cute Video. Kcat is unique, different and outstanding from the rest, most important she is a modern day artist. KCAT is a performing artist who has it all. She has a beautiful mesmerising voice, together with her international, vibrant sound, the listener is sure to be taken on an interesting journey. KCAT is what the music industry desperately lacks.

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Some Pictures of the Cat:

My Destiny - Bassline Mix - Delinquent Ft KCat

My Destiny - Delinquent Ft. Kcat

Sori but had Youtube videos for Kcats Songs will try some other mode soon:

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